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Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What is Term Life Insurance?

Term Life Insurance is the cheapest form of life insurance that exists, per dollar of death benefit.  With term life insurance, you can choose the length of “term” that your premium is guaranteed for.  Common guaranteed premium “terms” is anywhere from ten-years to thirty-years.  A few carriers have begun to offer forty-year term policies.

Does term life insurance have cash value?

Generally, no.  Term life insurance is “generally” just pure death benefit coverage where the premium is guaranteed for a certain length of time.  The fact that it has no cash value is a reason that term is the cheapest form of death benefit coverage.

The only way I get value out of a term policy is if I die?

Not necessarily.  Depending on the company and the policy, you can get term life insurance with “living benefits”.  These are riders that will pay you all or a portion of the death benefit while you are still living.  Common triggers for paying out the death benefit are: a chronic illness, a critical illness, or a terminal illness.

What if I get sick later on after buying a term policy and become uninsurable for anything else?

At CG Financial Group we like term policies that have “convertibility privileges”.  These privileges allow you to convert to a permanent policy with that same carrier, WITHOUT HAVING TO GO BACK THROUGH UNDERWRITING.  This means that you can change your mind later on and switch to a permanent policy.  Your health rating is then based off of when you first applied for the term policy.

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